12 Powers Club


12 Powers Club members have access to clear teachings, inspiring music, and other impactful content. As a member you also gain abundant opportunities to interact with a supportive community of like-minded peeps.

A framework for self-understanding, the 12 Powers helps you live your best life

The ’12 Powers’ is a framework for self-understanding that has changed millions of lives. Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore wrote that these divine characteristics are within each of us. They are the building blocks for igniting personal growth, passion and purpose.

These powers work together like different notes in a chord. Ideally expressed, the chord of your life is harmonious and balanced. As your twelve powers work seamlessly together, you experience less friction, more ease, less anxiety and greater peace.

Discussion Boards

Let’s exercise the use of our twelve powers!

Nothing can take your twelve powers away; However, they can be underutilized or unconsciously used in ways that are destructive or unhealthy. Yikes, we’ve all been there. The life you desire can be a conscious creation, unfolding with ease as you lean into your twelve divine faculties. You got this! As you grow, the 12 Powers Club is here to provide loving support, even during those “messy moments.” But trust us, the time and attention you put in is worth it. You’ll experience insights and inner shifts and find yourself free to express as the amazing spiritual being you are, the authentic you.

Find harmony in a community that radiates positivity

So, who are 12 Powers Club members anyway? We are from all walks of life, connecting and exploring timeless teachings delivered in a contemporary format. Basically, We are people like you, examining the twelve powers in ways that bring them to life!

“Side effects” of being a 12 Powers Club member may include (but are not limited to):

The ever-growing line-up of incredible Guest Contributors... (details below)

Your 12 Powers Club member benefits

Below are some of the benefits you receive as a member of the 12 Powers Club. Membership is $75 and $30 of those dollars directly support your spiritual community! Click here to find out more.

Membership period: July 1, 2021 through January 15, 2022.

Enjoy exciting and original content and other carefully curated materials – music, inspirational messages, meditations and art – all here to help you explore your powers of Faith, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, Release, and Life.

Access Weekly 12 Powers Club PODCAST episodes featuring illuminating, INSPIRED TEACHINGS. Taught by leading Unity ministers and spiritual leaders, their insights help deepen your understanding of the twelve powers. The ever-growing line-up of incredible Guest Contributors includes Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett (“Divine Audacity”, “This Life is Yours”),  Rev. Ellen Debenport (“The Five Principles”), Rev. Kitty Benson (Unity in Naperville), Rev. Leddy Hammock and Sue Riley (“12 Women of the Chalice”), Rev. Myra McFadden (Unity of Kansas City North), Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster (UWM Dir. of Member Services), and Rev. Michael Everett Davis (Unity of Indianapolis).

AND… because we understand that sharing Truth principles with the kids and grandkids is so very important to many of you, we have created the “12 Powers Kids Korner” with content created especially for the young ones!  “Power Party Time! with Miss Jenna” is hosted by the dynamic Jenna DiSandro… and stay tuned, because there is even more to come!

Someone once said that singing is like praying twice; once with the words and once with the music.

Allow MUSIC to reach deep into your soul and speak to you in ways that spoken word alone may not: DOWNLOAD TWO NEW POWERS-INSPIRED SONGS EVERY MONTH, written by SpiritRise Songwriting Workshop participants.

Be inspired by others: Enjoy exclusive access to: music, video interviews, podcast episodes and writings from a variety of incredible GUEST CONTRIBUTORS every month.

A platform for you  to SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES. As a member, you are invited to create MEMBER POSTS when you have your a-ha moments or have something you have just got to share! Posts are reviewed but not censored (we just check for typos, clarity, and confirm its relates to a relevant topic and that is appropriate for all audience ages).

We all learn in a multitude of ways – Art is another way to reach the heart. Enjoy monthly original artworks presented in the 12 Powers ONLINE DIGITAL GALLERY, featuring works prompted by the Powers and submitted by club members like you and others.

Access to the 12 Powers Club PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP and your 12 Powers Club DISCUSSION BOARDS. Interacting with other members often helps solidify your understanding, reinforces all you are learning, and even prompt ideas that stretch you and help you to grow even more!

One ticket to the 12 Powers Club CELEBRATION CONCERT (most likely occurring in Jan. 2022). If you do not reside in Naperville IL, you will receive a link to the Concert Livestream. Bask in the energy of a live music performance – be inspired, be fed, celebrate all that you accomplished and allowed during your 12 Powers Club membership!

Even More! Other content continues to be planned, so expect added surprises!

A gift for you, a gift for your church or spiritual center,
a gift for someone you love

Membership is a gift to yourself that helps you shine your light in this world, but how else can membership impact those around you?

A big chunk of your membership fee is gifted to your church or spiritual center

Really, we aren’t kidding… The 12 Powers Club is structured to give back to the church or organization that nurtures and supports you. $30 of your membership fee will go to the Unity church you select during the registration process. We are grateful for you and grateful you have a place where you are spiritually fed. Donations to designated organizations will be distributed in August-September 2021. At this time, we are able to distribute funds only to Unity churches in the U.S.

Share the gift of inspiration with someone you love
(at a schweeet discount)

Purchase a gift membership for a spouse, friend, family member – anyone you care about! – for a special discounted membership price of just $55. The gift membership offer is available one-time only, during the check-out process. Surprise someone with a gift that is unique, inspiring, from the heart and potentially life-changing! During the check-out process, be sure to have your recipient’s email address available and we will notify them of your wonderful gift!

Your 12 Powers Club Managers and Advisor:

kcm tiny guitar

Kim-Char Meredith

Kim-Char Meredith Serves as Creative Director and Music Director at Unity in Naperville (11+ years). She is an award-winning singer-songwriter with over 16 album original music. She is a Partner at Pahzee Digital, a company specializing in the intersect of video editing, audio production and website design & development. Kim-Char is also a member of the Unity Worldwide Ministries Music Ministry Team.  
Rev Michael Everett Davis

Rev. Michael Everett Davis

Rev. Michael Everett Davis is an Interfaith Minister and the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Indianapolis. Michael is also an actor and singer/songwriter. Among his creative endeavors – he has written and recorded a collection of chants based on the twelve powers, and he produces and co-hosts the “Karmic Relief” broadcast. He wears a lot of hats (though he claims to not really be a hat kind of guy).  
Valerie Mackey

Valerie Mackey

Valerie Mackey is Music Director of Unity of Kansas City North, serving there since 2014, and she is the dynamic Artistic Director of the Theatre for Young America (for the past 23 years and continuing). Valerie is also a member of the Unity Worldwide Ministries Music Ministry Team.  
rev kitty benson

Rev. Kitty Benson

Rev. Kitty Benson serves as Advisor to the 12 Powers Club team. She is the founding minister of Unity in Naperville where she has been inspiring others and teaching Unity principles and the 12 Powers for well over a decade. Kitty has ample experience in project management, group facilitation and with keeping Kim-Char and Parker in line.

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 12.36.30 PM

Ann Pogue

 “Changing The World From Her Chair” is the best way to describe Ann Pogue, co-founder of Refugee Film School with Jana Stanfield. While the pandemic was isolating for many, it opened up the world for Ann Pogue. She uses her background in Early Childhood Education to teach Social Media and other skills to teenage refugees to help them get work. She’s been promoting Positive Music online since 2010, making her nearly as famous as the Pos Music Award Winning artists that she helps behind the scenes.

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 12.36.19 PM

Jana Stanfield

“We cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that we can do,” isn’t just a lyric from one of Jana Stanfield’s best known songs. It’s her mission statement. Jana Stanfield is co-founder of two International charities, Together We Can Change the World and Refugee Film School. Before that, she was known as a multi platinum songwriter and inspiring speaker, writing songs like “If I Were Brave” and “You Will Do Amazing Things.”


Parker Charles

Parker is an audio/visual tech specialist, website designer and Partner at Pahzee Digital. He serves as the Technical Director at Unity in Naperville (six+ years). When he meets a new computer, he fights the urge to dismantle it in order to admire its inner workings.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?